Austrian virtual - Manual


This manual was written for version 1.7.x of our headquarter-software.

Start a Pilot career

Hello Sir, we appreciate your interest to fly for Austrian virtual. But before we continue, we have to make some agreements. Please check our regulations below and see if they meet your expectations.



We, myAustrian virtual, are a community of virtual pilots. We are established as „Verein“ (club, association), which is a registered legal entity in accordance with Austrian federal law Bundesgesetz über Vereine (Vereinsgesetz 2002). The „Verein's“ name is „Austrian Virtual Airlines - Verein zum Betrieb virtueller Fluglinien“. Whenever we use the words „Headquarter“, „headquarter“ or „HQ“ we refer to the entire software environment of our virtual airline. As member of myAustrian virtual you are becoming a formal member of the „Verein“. Our pilots are classified as „außerordentliche Mitglieder“ in accordance with our „Vereinsstatuten“ (association statutes).

Active Membership

First of all, there are no costs for the membership, it is absolutely free. Each pilot has to submit at least one flight every 60 days. Otherwise the account will be automatically disabled and subsequently deleted, thus also terminating your formal membership in the „Verein“. After having achieved the rank of „Second Officer“ you are at any time eligible to make a temporary suspension („freezing“) of your membership. This will prevent your membership from being automatically deleted. Information about „freezing“ your account will be provided below in this manual.

Requirements for membership (cumulative)

  • You accept and obey our „Vereinsstatuten“ (association statutes) available at (legally relevant version is in German; a brief summary of this is incorporated in the following requirements).
  • You accept the privacy policy and provisions and the website's terms and conditions.
  • You own and submit a valid e-mail address.
  • You are at least 16 years old.
  • You own a supported flight simulator (FS9, FSX, P3D or X-Plane).
  • Your are able to taxi your aircraft from the parking position to the runway and to take off there.
  • You know the basics of navigation and are able to fly your aircraft to the destination aerodrome.
  • You are able to land your aircraft safely at the destination aerodrome and to taxi to a parking position thereafter.
  • You enjoy flight simulation and are willing to improve your skills in that subject area.

Flight booking

A booked flight is exclusively reserved for you, meaning that you don't have to fly this flight immediately, but you have some time before commencing that flight. Nevertheless, if it is foreseeable that you cannot execute a booked flight you should release it. After seven days this is done automatically.

ACARS clients

PIREPs (flight reports) have to be submitted by means of an ACARS client (PIREP client). At present, we support XAcars (Freeware), FS Flight Keeper (Payware) and smartCARS (free for our pilots). It is not possible to submit flights to our headquarters without a supported ACARS client. You will find a setup guide for all clients in our wiki.

Internet connection

It is required to establish and maintain a LiveACARS connection to our headquarters during the whole flight. Without such a connection a booked flight cannot be submitted to and accepted by our headquarters.


As you gain flight experience for our virtual airline, you may be promoted to a higher rank after some time. Every pilot starts as „Trainee“, meaning you are restricted to those types of aircraft linked to that rank. Further information on this topic may be found in the „Ranks“-section.

Now you should be familar with our rules. If you are still interested in joining us, then lets move on to the registratrion!


1.) First step for your Registration is to open the registration form on our Headquarters FrontPage


2.) Please enter your personal data into the form


3.) You will recieve an email with your Pilot ID (PID). Use this PID and the password you have set during the registration to log into the Headquarters. If everything is ok, your Screen should look like this (see Picture below):


The most important step is finished. Now let's configure the Headquarters settings!

Headquarters Settings

It's time for you to configure your personal Headquarters Settings. This section will guide you through the process.

Personal data

To edit your Personal data navigate to the settings menu (see picture below).


By choosing „Personal data“ you will open the form below.


Field Description
First Name Your Name
Surename Your Surename
Year of birth just enter the 4 digits of your year of birth (yyyy)
E-mail Your eMail-Adress
Country Your home country
VATSIM-ID if you are registered at VATSIM-Network enter your VATSIM-ID
IVAO-ID if you are registered at IVAO-Network enter your IVAO-ID
Password enter you personal Login password
Pssword-Confirmation confirm your personal Login password
Checkbox by activating this checkbox you can join the VA discount programm by Aerosoft
Button „save changes“ if you make any changes, you will have to click this button for saving


To enter the Headquarters form simply choose the „Headquarters“ option (see picture below)


The „Headquarters form will be loaded


Field Description
Homebase Choose your homebase
Aircraft type Set your preferred Aircraft type (more types will become available if you advance to a higher Rank)
Language Choose your preferred language (English/German)
Weather-information from Select the source of weather information (needed for flightbooking)
Weights in Select the weight unit for your flight booking and planning (KG/LBS)
Template Choose a style template for displaying the Headquarters (only 1 available)
Change present position Change your current airport position (will cost 2500 virtual Euros per change request - you will have to do some flights first to earn money ;)
Checkbox 1 when selected, the Headquarters will automatically calculate your needed fuel during flightbooking (you will lose 1 of the 14 possible Senioritypoints)
Checkbox 2 when checked, you will see Schedule/Charter and Codeshare flights together in the flightbooking system
Button „save changes“ click to save your changes


If you want to change the status of your account you need to click this option (see picture below)


After loading you will see the simple form below


With this form you can „freeze“ or activate your account. So if you know, you won't have time to do the mandatory flight within 60 days you can „freeze“ your account. It will not be deleted after the 60 days of inactivity. When you want to come back, simply log in and activate your account. You need to send a flight within the next 14 days to confirm your reactivation.

Field Description
current Account-Status choose between „active“ and „frozen“

ACARS Client - Configuration

Our Headquarters supports three ACARS-Clients at the moment. XAcars (Freeware), FS Flightkeeper (Payware) and smartCARS (free for our pilots). With their help your flights will be recorded and at the end a „PIREP“ (pilot report) is generated and sent to the Headquarters. During the flight the ACARS-Client exchanges data about your flight with the Headquarters, so it is mandatory to have a permanent internet connection. Good news about this system are, that wie have a live overview of our flights. So you can see your friends and colleagues. Bad news are, that if you loose the connection for a longer period of time, no data will be submitted to the Headquarters. After around 10 minutes our Headquarters software will cancle the flight and you will be positioned on the origin airport. Below you can find a description, how to set up the ACARS-Clients.


XAcars is a Freeware-Utility and is used to generate Pireps with X-Plane or MS-Flightsimulator. XAcars was developed by Bernhard Harb and Marko Martinetz.


You can download XACARS from their offical Website.


During the installation process you'll get the choice to install a test configuration. You don't need that.


The Configuration of XAcars for AVAG is very easy. Simply download the XAcars.ini and copy it in our installation-directory.

Username and Password

Now open the downloaded file (XAcars.ini) with Notepad. Search this File for the Entry User = xxx. For “xxx” enter your PilotID (i.e.: 10010). Do the same for the Entry Password = xxx, where you enter the Password instead of “xxx”. If you don’t have a PilotID, visit our Homepage and register as a new Pilot. A new ID will be assigned to you.


XARCARS works fine with WideFS.

Load Flightdata

After your flight has been booked via the Flightbooking-System on our Homepage you open XACARS-Client and enter the Flightnumber from the Booking-System. Then click on the Button next to the Entryfield “Flightdata via ACARS”. All needed Information will be loaded into the programm.

FlightNbr Syntax: {FlugNr}~{PilotID} (Example: OS1234~10001)

Start Flightrecording

Start your Flightsimulator and park your Aircraft at the Airport and Gate of your choice. Check that the Engines are shut down, and Parkingbrake is set. Then click the Button “ACARS Start”.

Have a nice flight…

Stop Flightrecording

At the Destination-Airport/Gate shut down Engines and set Parkingbrake. Click the Button “SHOW PIREP” in the ACARS-Client and press „SEND“.

FS Flightkeeper

Another way to fly for Austrian Virtual Airlines Group is FS-Flightkeeper (FSFK). FSFK is a Flight-Recording-Tool and provides the User very detailed Statistics about their flown flights. The main dif-ference between XACARS and FSFK is, that FSFK is Payware and offers much more Information on the Flights. The Pirep that it generates for Austrian Virtual Airlines Group consists of the same Data like the XACARS-Pireps, so there are no advantages or disadvantages.


For more information on FSFK look at


Please install FS-Flightkeeper like instructed in the FSFK-Manual.


To fly for Austrian Virtual Airlines Group, you have to setup some things first. The following Instruction will guide you through this process.

Create a pilotprofil

To fly for Austrian Virtual Airlines Group, you have to setup some things first. The following Instruction will guide you through this process.

Field Description
Name Your Name and Surname
Email Your E-Mail-Adress
PilotID Your personal pilot-id
Pilot-Password Enter your personal password from your website

Create a Logbook

After you have created your Pilot, FSFK asks you to create a Logbook. In this form please enter exact the following Information: Important: Fill in exactly the Values from the Table (casesensitive), or you will get Errors on sending the Pireps later!!!!!

Field Value
Name Austrian Virtual
Title for Field 1 VATSIM~Ja~Nein

When ready, click „OK“ again to finish the process.

Airline Template

Template File

Now download the Template-File and place it into the Template-Folder of FSFK.

Virtuelle Airline Settings

If you did everything correctly, open the Window “Templates/E-Mail Configuration”. It should be reach-able through the Menu “File → Settins → Templates/Email.

Under “Virtual Airline Settings” you should find an entry “fsfk_ava_client.txt”, when you open the Drop-down-Menu. Choose it, but don’t click “ok”, we need to go the The “Common Tab” now.

Common Settings

Change to the Common-Tab. Choose for the fields “Trigger for parking at destination” and “Trigger for the End of Flight” the Option “Engines off and Parking Brake set”. Then activate all checkboxes for Flightsimulator-Scenery.

Now you should build up the Nav-Database. You can do this with the Menu “Tools” – “Refresh Nav-Database”

Attention: If you install a new Scenery to Flightsimulator you have to repeat this process.

If you use FSFK on a second PC via WideFS, you need to use the “Navigation Database Tool for WideFS Users”. You can find this Tool FS-Flightkeeper’s Website (Downloadsection). Install and run this tool on the FS-PC.

It generates Cache-Data-Files. Copy these Files to the WideFS-PC: XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<USER NAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\FS Flight Keeper Vista: C:\Users\<USER NAME>\AppData\Local\FS Flight Keeper

Install ACARS-Device

While not necessary for reporting flights for us, you may, in addition, install an ACARS-Device. Under „Tools → ACARS-DEVICE → START INSTALLER“ you can do that.


So now everything is set, you have parked your Aircraft at the Gate (Engines off, Parkingbrakes set). We are ready to start the Flightrecording. Click on „Connect“ in the Toolbox to start the Flightrecording.

When you have loaded all data form Flightsimulator, check the Flightnumber. It must be the same Number you got from the Flightbooking-System. If you don’t enter the correct Flight-number, you wont get connected to the ACARS-Server and you recive an Error-Message.

FlightNbr Syntax: {FlugNr}~{PilotID} (Example: OS1234~10001)

Have a nice flight…

LiveACARS starten

The LiveAcars-Connection has to be started manually for FSFK. Simply press F11 to establish an ACARS-Connection.

End of Flight

As soon as you reach your Destination, taxi to the gate, shut down the Engines and set the Parking-brakes. Flightrecording will be stopped automatically and a Pirep will be sent to the Headquarter.


Last but not least we have implemented an ACARS-Client called „smartCARS“. It is free to use for our pilots and has a lot of nice features (all described in the manual → see link in the the description below).


You can download the latest version of the Client-Software from this link.
smartCARS Usermanual - download


1.) Download the latest version of smartCARS and save it to your local disk


2.) Open the file „installer.exe“

3.) Choose an installation path for smartCARS and agree to the license agreement (check the box)


4.) Check the „launch product“ box and complete the installation by clicking on the „Finish“ button on the right bottom corner



It is mandatory, that you have booked a flight in our headquarters flight booking system.
So be sure you have done all the steps described under Flight booking!!!
If you have already booked a flight continue below…

1.) After a successful installation you should have the icon below on your desktop. If your client has not already opened (after installation) click the icon to open smartCARS


2.) You will see the login mask - enter your assigned Pilot-ID (ex. 12345) in the top field of the mask

3.) Enter your password in the bottom field of the mask

4.) Select „Log In“


5.) Select the „Flights“-tab on the left side of the new opened window

6.) If you have successfully booked a flight in our headquarters you will see this flight

7.) Mark the line where the flight is listed and click on the „Fly“ button


8.) The next mask shows all your current flight data. Do not change anything here, all changes have to be done during the booking process!

9.) Start your Flightsimulator, park your Aircraft on the departure airport with engines off and parking brakes set

10.) Hit the „Start“ button and do your flight

End of Flight

As soon as you reach your Destination, taxi to the gate, shut down the Engines and set the Parking-brakes. Flightrecording will be stopped automatically and a Pirep will be sent to the Headquarter.

Flight booking

In this section we will give you an overview how to book a flight. To book a flight, simply click on the „Book a flight“ menu and choose an option. Depending on your Headquarters settings you get one of the two menus below (see pictures):


If you didn't choose to combine Schedule and Codshare flights you will see seperate menu entries for Codshare and Schedule flights (left picture). If you set the option to combine both Schedule types you will get one menu entry for both Schedules (right picture).

Field Description
Schedule/Charter book a flight, which is done by Austrian Airlines
Codeshare book a flight, which is done by another Airline but in cooperation with Austrian Airlines
Tour From time to time there will be special tours available and you can book them here - they will be promoted through the foruma and news
Event There are regularly special flights, which will be bookable here - they will be promoted through the forum and news

The next screen will show you all available flights. You could set several filter options to search for flights


Field Description
Departure (1) Set the departure airport. You can only book a flight from your current position. A flight is bookable, if you see a green symbol on the left side of the booking line, otherwise you will see a red symbol and have not „book“ button
Departure (2) You can set the minutes (120, 180 or „*“). „120“ means you will see all flights with a departure time within the next 120 minutes. If you select „*“ you will see all flights, available from your current position
Arrival (3) Set the destination airport
Blocktime (4) Set the maximum Blocktime of the flight
Aircraft-Type selection (5) Choose the Aircraft type (depending on your Rank, you will see less types on low ranks and more types on higher ranks → see the ranks section in this Dokument)
Available only (6) with this option selected you will only see bookable flights
Search (7) everytime you made a change in the filter options you will have to push the „Search“-button to refresh your search

Click on „Book“ on the right side to advance to the next step.


Now you can see the first details of your selected flight (picture above).

Field Description
Flight no (1) Scheduled flightnumber
Callsign (2) Callsign used for ATC operations on VATIM/IVAO
Departure airport (3) ICAO Code of departure airport
Arrival airport (4) ICAO Code of destination airport
Departure time (5) Scheduled time of departure from origin airport (Zulutime = +2 hours local time in Vienna from March to October/+1 hour local time in Vienna from October to March)
Arrival time (6) Scheduled time of arrival at destination airport (Zulutime = +2 hours local time in Vienna from March to October/+1 hour local time in Vienna from October to March)
Block (7) Blocktime of flight in minutes
Aircraft-Type (8) Aircraft type for this flight
PAX (9) Number of passengers for this flight
Cargo (10) Amount of cargo you will transport with this flight
„to briefing page within logbook“ (11) Continue to flight briefing

Now click on the „to briefing page within logbook“-button.

The next thing we need, is to enter a flightroute. To enter a route you have to click the „Route“ button on the flight briefing pate (see picture below)


Next you will see the Route page and you can enter a route manually or use one of our route services.

Field Description
Austrian virtual community Here you find routes provided from our pilots
VATROUTE External site with route suggestions for your flight
Routefinder Another external source for route suggestions

For our example we use the Austrian virtual community routes.


By clicking the button you open a window with available routes (see picture below). To choose a route you have to click on the „Accept“-button on the right side!


The route date (alternate Airport, Flightlevel and the flight plan route) will be inserted automatically. Hit the „save“-button to continue (see picture below).


We are back on our flight briefing page, now we have to enter the fuel data → simply press the „fuel“-button (see picture below).


On the fuel planning page you can see an overview of your flight and on the bottom the fuel date (see red box in the picture below). You can only edit the data in the red box here. If you have choosen „automatic fuel planning“ in the Headquarters settings, the data will be automatically filled in, otherwise you will have to enter the data manually. To enter the data manually brings an extra Seniority point (see sections seniority points). To save your fuel settings click the „save“ button.


All necessary steps are now finished. On the next page (see picture below), you can do some final changes and actions before you enter the cockpit.


Field Description
Adjustments You can change almost all things of your flight plan
OFP Generates an Operational Flight Plan for printing
VATSIM Opens a form to enter flight data for online flying on VATSIM Network
Release Cancles the whole flight - ATTENTION: all data will be lost and you have to book a new flight

Have a good flight Sir!

Seniority Points

For every flight you do for Austrian virtual, you will get Seniority Points. At the moment the maximum is 14 points. You will need that points to achieve higher ranks (see ranks section for more information) and they will be counted into your Pilot Index (PI) (see Pilot Index section for more information). In the picture below you will see an overview of all Seniority Points.


Seniority Point Value Description
Type of flight is SCHEDULE/EVENT/TOUR/CODESHARE 1 or 4 You will get 4 points for doing a regular Schedule-, Event- or Tour-flight. Codeshare flights give only 1 Point. Our primary goal is to simulate the operation of our real life role model Austrian Airlines, so it brings more points to fly Austrian Airlines flights
Online on VATSIM or IVAO/Offline 3 To fly online on VATSIM or IVAO Network is more challenging, so you will earn 3 points extra experience. Offline flights won't bring extra experience
Arrived on time 1 You will get this point when arriving between 15 minutes below or 10 minutes above your planned blocktime - Blocktime ist the time between releasing the parking brakes on origin airport and setting them on destination airport
Correct amount of fuel on board 1 Refuel your plane with the correct amount of fuel (see ofp) - if you cant set the exact amount of fuel in your flightsimulator then set it as close as possible. There is some clearance available
The fuel was calculated manually 1 An extra point is given, if you calculate the fuel manually during your flightbooking - you can set this in the settings menu of our Headquarters
Fuel consumption as planned 1 If your tripfuel is within +/- 10% of the planned value, you will get this extra point
TOW not exceeded 1 Watch your OFP. Depending on the Aircraft type you'll have limits for the Take Off Weight. Exceeding this value will cost you this point
LAW not exceeded 1 Same as TOW, do not exceed your max. Landing Weight to get this point
Final Reserve not used 1 On every flight a final fuel reserve is calculated, you can see it in the OFP. In normal operations you should never touch this reserve

Ranks and Salary


As pilot of Austrian virtual you start your career in the rank of a „Trainee“ (TR). With this rank you are already entitled to fly two aircraft types, those are the Dash and the Fokker. Each rank is dependant on certain requirements. For the promotion to a higher rank all requirements linked to that rank have to be fulfilled. Furthermore, there are some ranks which are only manually appointed by the management team. There are no claims to promotion into such a rank, but they will be appointed by the management team to honoured pilots.

As your career progresses, you will collect flight hours as well as seniority points by flying for and submitting flights to us. Those are the basis for promotions. Some ranks entitle you to fly further aircraft types, meaning also further available routes to fly.


Your virtual salary is dependant on your rank. A Second Officer will gain more virtual money for the exact same flight compared to a Trainee. With this virtual money you may buy jumpseat tickets and thereby change your position.


Below, you will find a short overview of our ranks and their requirements:

Rank Requirements Aircraft types
Trainee (TR) Initial rank A319/A320, Dash, Embraer E-190, Fokker
Second Officer (SO) min. 100 seniority points, min. 10 flights, min. 10 flight hours + A321
First Officer (FO) min. 300 seniority points, min. 30 flights, min. 50 flight hours + B767
Senior First Officer (SFO) min. 1000 seniority points, min. 100 flights, min. 250 flight hours + B777
Captain (CAPT) min. 1500 seniority points, min. 150 flights, min. 400 flight hours Fulfilling the requirements will send a message to the staff. Your statistics, online activity, forum activity will be reviewed and if everything is fine, you will be promoted manually by the staff
Senior Captain (SCAPT) min. 2000 seniority points min. 200 flights, min. 1000 flight hours
Instructor (INS) Same requirements as SCAPT The Instructor rank is very rare given. The staff team has permanently an eye on the community. If there are pilots who showing commitment to the community (i.e. providing use- and helpful information to the community, doing extraordinary work, helping other members in the forum or online on IVAO or VATSIM, behave professional on VATSIM or IVAO, be active in the forum, ….), the staff discusses and votes for a promotion to Instructor

Pilot Index (PI)

Below you will find an explanation how the Pilot Index is calculated!

… comming soon …

Community & Support

If you have any questions or ideas or simply want to communicate with the community, we refer to use our forums. Please register with your real name, otherwise you won't get access.

Community Forum

The forum is available under You will notice most posts are in German, but don't hesitate to start threads or participate in discussions in English.

Technical Support

If you need technical support or want to contact the VA staff team, please use our ticket system -

Association management board

If you want to contact the association running the VA (mostly for legal and „official“ issues) use this e-mail:

Headquarters Sitemap

Below you will find the Sitemap and a short description to each entry:

  • Current
    • News (check the latest News)
    • Flights (actual flights overview)
  • About us
    • Who we are (description of our VA)
    • History (read about the past journey of our VA)
    • Staff (Staff Team overview)
    • Our rules (rules and regulations)
    • Association (Information about the association)
      • General
      • Management board
      • Association statutes
      • Donate us
    • Career (ranks and requierements overview)
    • Fleet overview (aircraft used by our VA)
    • Routemap (check our route network)
    • Our pilots (pilot roster)
  • Book a flight
    • Schedule/Charter/Codeshare (normal flights)
    • Tour (special tours that will be available temporary)
    • Event (speciel event flights)
  • Logbook
    • Briefing (actual booked flights, statistic overview)
    • My flights
      • tabularly
      • graphical
      • My Achievements
      • Balance
  • Settings
    • Personal Data (your personal data)
    • Headquarters (general Settings, i.e. homebase, fuel calculation, aircraft,…)
    • User-Account (change the status of your account - freezing)
  • Statistic
    • Day
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    • Year
    • Total
  • Community
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