Cost Index - Policy


Our standard Cost Index (CI) outbound VIE / LOWW will be 25. Except for HUB airports or when you are behind or in front of schedule.

As the may be the flight destination is a Hub airport, use CI 35.

Hub airports are:

AMS EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol
ARN ESSA Stockholm Arlanda
BCN LEBL Barcelona (El Prat)
CPH EKCH Copenhagen Kastrup
FRA EDDF Frankfurt Rhein-Main Airport
HEL EFHK Helsinki Vantaa
LHR EGLL London Heathrow
MUC EDDM Munich „Franz Josef Strauss“ Airport
ZRH LSZH Zurich Kloten


When the flight is inbound VIE / LOWW, the CI should be 35.


  • In case you are ahead of the schedule you should reduce your CI by 10, but only once. Take into account weather changes, possible delay due to high traffic at the destination, low visibility operations or any other reasons which could cause delay. Maintain a reasonable time buffer to stay within schedule.
  • If you are behind schedule increase your CI to 90 and try to regain a time buffer within the schedule.
  • Observe that in case of range problems the avoidance of fuel stops has priority over schedule control.
  • MIN TIME should not be used, except to avoid fuel stops.
  • In case of high gross mass an increase of your CI might result in low ROC at higher FL's. To avoid Level capping by ATC use a FMS tactical speed to maintain an acceptable ROC.

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